Pronokal Diet with Dr Pao

Pronokal is a medically supervised weight loss method which is based on a very low calorie, protein diet with the goal of achieving sustained weight loss.  The method is carried out in 3 stages with the help of a multidisciplinary team which includes a doctor, dietician, psychologist and personal trainer.

The first stage involves having a protein diet consisting of sachets containing proteins. In addition to the sachets, nutritional supplements and vegetables are also included in the diet. The body’s metabolism is triggered into ’ketosis’ where the energy is metabolised from the body’s own fat stores.

Following this stage, you will enter into a series of stages where different foods will gradually be re-introduced into your diet until you have a balanced diet to continue for life.  The last stage is a maintenence programme with a 2-year follow up period to ensure sustained weight loss goals.

Pronokal has treated more than 150,000 people worldwide in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Canada, Argentian, Portugal, Belgium and has now arrived in the UK.

Interested? For more info check out the Pronokal website.

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